New beginnings!

My favorite season is upon us! I love Fall. The gourds, the colors, the sweaters (I have an ungodly amount of cat themed sweaters because yes I am a cat lady), etc. Summer to me has always represented youth- it’s a time of feeling free and fearless. Once fall officially begins, I’m always suddenly hit with the recognition that it’s time to grow up. Time to put on some clothes, to go to bed earlier, to stay inside and cook  or make something.

So every year after I mourn the loss of summer I set to making myself grow up in fall. It’s the time of year when I delude myself into thinking “THIS year I’ll be better.” For a long while it was in the context of being in school. I’d say to myself this year I’m going to actually do ALL the reading and start my papers WELL in advance and be ahead of everyone and never have to get any extensions.  And that shit never happened. I somehow made it out alive, but not without feeling like I flushed almost 2 years down the toilet.

Anyways the point of all this is that I’m trying to do lots of new stuff and I need a creative outlet, so I figured why not start a blog. FINALLY. I’m sure the 1 or 2 people reading this have been waiting with baited breath.

I’m already “that girl” on facebook with the controversial feelings who feels it her duty to post interesting and sometimes offensive links. I want to get away from using Facebook while encouraging myself to write more, so I figured a blog would be the obvious answer.

And if channeling my crazy feelings and news media addiction into these posts doesn’t work out, I could always go back to the new Myspace, which looks awesome. It’s like Tumblr meets Lastfm or Spotify.


photo via eschipul


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